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The power of working together

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Success in gameplay can often be dependent on cooperation - working together for the common good.

DELIVER! is a semi-cooperative ITSM simulation game that features events, incident, problem, change, knowledge, and continuous improvement.

In a recent facilitated session, the four teams involved in the game attained a near perfect balance between ensuring their own success and that of the company as a whole (represented by all participants). They understood, and practiced, how to support each other to improve the chance of success for each individually.

In Sweden there is a term sometimes used for this - "Kraftsamla" meaning to gather strength or, more typically, strength from working together. In the image, we see the perfect illustration of "Kraftsamla" with 3 teams each contributing a resource to create resilience in the IT landscape.

This silo-breaking approach delivered a text-book result. FANTASTIC

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