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Group activities for tele-workers

If this describes you...

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I am working remotely

This can be through choice as a response to the need for social distancing or a practical reality due to your geographical location

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I feel disconnected

Just because you are working apart doesn't mean you need to feel apart, disconnected and maybe a little lonely

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I work in IT

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If you work in or with IT our solutions have been especially designed for you

... read on

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In these times of social distancing and tele-working it's easy to feel out of touch with your colleagues.


Our online game-based group activities help your team stay connected, even when apart.

Staying close at distance

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Staying effective at distance

Group activities are a vital part of corporate life but can be a challenge when your group is not in the same physical location either through having a distributed workforce or through the need for social distancing.

Group activities reignite the human element that can come under increasing strain with remote working.

Participants leave inspired motivated and reconnected, with a renewed sense of belonging.

At Game-changing Insight, we provide you with an immersive group activity featuring one of our online business strategy game.

Virtual team challenge

A highly memorable, fun and engaging online group activity.

Make one of our unique online sessions your next group activity.

  • Reconnect with colleagues, have fun and learn

  • Discover what makes each other, and the organisation, tick

  • Discussion points that persist and new ways of thinking

  • A shared experience that is a foundation for future training sessions and workshops

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Online business strategy games for fun team building workshops

It's easy, you just have to turn up!

Game-changing insight will run the session for you, inviting your attendees and facilitating the workshop experience.

  • Make sure everyone has a PC, mouse, good internet connection.

  • It works even better if participants have a camera, giving a  greater sense of connection to each other

  • Allow sufficient time to enjoy the session - 3 to 4 hours. Note this can be split over a couple of sessions if more convenient.

  • Have fun!

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