Play and Learn Online

Online IT business strategy games...

  • 2-4 teams of 1-3 players

  • Total game time around 3 hours

    • Can be played over 2 sessions

  • Public or private session

Every Thursday at 17:00 (CET/CEST) - subject to interest It's not just about the game, this is a great opportunity for networking and peer to peer discussion. Depending o...
Online game session
2 hr 30 min

* sessions will be run subject to interest

UPGRADE! online: Strategic planning and IT demand management 

You have been tasked to update your IT landscape. There's a lot going on in this challenging online business simulation game. You only have so much time to achieve your goals and generate the most business value...

  • Upgrade your facility's IT solution in each department

  • Train more co-workers to use the solutions

  • Improve the performance of your solutions

  • Integrate your solutions for better insight

  • Use your influence to get budget support from the department managers

  • Gain insight by analysing and reporting on your solutions

Images are from the Tabletopia platform

Stabil-IT online: Agile IT incident and release management 

Images are from the Tabletopia platform

In Stabil-IT there are a number of services representing the IT landscape. Some services are maintained jointly and some are assigned to specific players.

You must manage your service, solving incidents, attending to emergency changes and develop new releases.

You must also look after the jointly managed service in co-operation with the other players.

  • Start by planning your sprint - an introduction to agile

  • Develop the next releases of your solution

  • Solve incidents and maintain the wikis

  • Perform root cause analysis to further increase the resilience of your service.

  • Spend time to gain insight about your service and update the wiki

  • Improve any troublesome node in your service, especially when informed by your user-base