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IT capacity management business simulation

IT capacity management is big, complicated and often not clearly understood.

Game-changing Insight has taken IT capacity management, extracted its essence and built it into an immersive board game available in either physical or online form.

The hard work has been done it's just up to you to pull up a chair.


Close up the ITSM training game DEPLOY! featuring the workloads in one of the capacity pools


Test your skills in IT capacity planning as you develop your server room and deploy new solutions in this unioque business game

IT capacity management
Adding capacity to a server room

Build up the IT capacity that the company needs

You need to provide the capacity to support a major increase in workloads.

You must add capacity to your server-room if you want to host the workloads on-premises. 

Or, of course, you could host them in a public cloud.

Your choice:

Either way, it's going to cost you time and money so choose wisely and think about your total cost of ownership.

Build up your capacity
Deploy workloads

Deploy the workloads needed to grow the company

The company is expanding its solutions portfolio. Each solution creates a demand for IT capacity in the form of workloads.

If you have the available capacity and time, you can deploy the workloads and bring the solution online.

  • Decide where to place the workloads

  • Minimise your license costs

  • Re-balance the workloads to optimise

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Analytical display in server room

Develop your team and technologies

Improve your efficiency and capability

  • Adjust the size of your team by seconding them from other duties

  • Develop their skills through training in architecture, planning or software asset management

  • Implement new technologies to automate workload deployment or to improve your asset management

Become efficient and effective
Online player board for the ITSM training game,DEPLOY!

Create business value

If you want to win you have to be the one that creates the most business value for the company.

Create business value from deployed solutions, using the public cloud, staying optimised and having spare money when the dust settles.

Lose business value by running at a loss.

Sounds easy? - try it out for yourself

Create business value
DEPLOY! online game ready for 4 players

Learn and play on-line

The DEPLOY! business strategy game is also available to play on-line

The corona-virus has illustrated that in uncertain times we need to be flexible.


Have your next training session online or simply reconnect with colleagues for an after-work activity with a difference.

Learn and play online
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