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Image of box front of UPGRADE! strategic planning board-game


UPGRADE! game rules front cover, thumbnail image
Box front for the DELIVER! board game from Game-changing Insight


Front cover of the rules for the DELIVER! board game from Game-changing Insight
Thumbnail image of the front cover to the rules booklet for CONFIG
Box lid graphic for the ITSM training game CONFIG

Service configuration

Thumbnail image of the front cover to the rules booklet for DEPLOY!
Box front for the DEPLOY! board game from Game-changing Insight

Infrastructure capacity planning

STABILITY v7 Rules - front cover

Agile IT service mgmt.

Making IT service management easy to learn

Familiar scenarios that develop ITSM understanding

Agile, Holistic, and cross-functional

Wherever you are in your IT journey, our games will provide insights, provoke new ways of thinking, and establish a common understanding of IT across all who play.

As with many areas of IT, siloed operations lead to significant sub-optimisation, with groups even working against the best interests of each other.

One of the key strengths of games is that they can break through silos to create effective cross-functional teams with a shared understanding and vision of what it takes to succeed.

All of our games develop and encourage holistic, strategic thinking with a strong focus on creating business value and cross-functional working with an agile approach. They are fun to play and deeply absorbing with layer upon layer of IT management insight gradually revealed.

Why not make one of our games the star of your next online or physical group activity?

Licensing our games

We have a simple licensing approach to enable you to leverage the games for corporate, educational or training use. For example, in preparation for a transformation, to align a project team, or to reinforce the understanding of ITIL terms.

All games available to play online

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