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A game of tactical resource assignment

With a fixed resource, delivering improvements is limited by the stability of your IT landscape. 

Fix incidents

Vulnerabilities in your solution create incidents that need to be fixed. Incidents are priority 1, 2, or 3. The clock is ticking.

Define errors

Knowledge management is at play to allow you to update your wiki with the information you gained fixing an incident.

Create resilience

Handle requests

From time to time you get request from service desk which drain your resources if they have not been automated

Problem management will help you to identify the root cause and remove the issue to create resilience.

Improve service

You can develop automated request management or create value by implementing improvements in the backlog 

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Overview of DELIVER!

“DELIVER!” is a tactical business simulation game set in the challenging world of IT service delivery and improvement. It focuses on creating the best tactical approach to deliver the most benefit to your customers whilst continually improving the stability of your IT landscape. The gameplay progresses in a series of rounds with each round seeing input from the service desk that sets the operational challenges for the round.


The game develops a cross-functional understanding of the holistic nature of event, incident, problem, change, and knowledge areas of ITIL. Playing the game, provides the basis to establish a practical tactical approach to prioritisation of activities.

The interactive nature of the game develops many soft skills including communications, teamwork, time management, and leadership.

In the game, each team is managing their own service along with its underlying systems and technical platforms. They are also supporting, from an operational point, other shared services, leading to a semi-cooperative approach in the game-play. The players must continually improve their services whilst maintaining their support promise to their customers.


All of the operational activities put a heavy demand on the limited resources available to each team, and it is this aspect that leads to the development of a successful tactical approach.

Event, incdent, problem, change and knowledge: ITIL practices illustrated though the game of DEPLOY!