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Learning about CMDBs with CONFIG

A speciality game of value-driven service configuration management and CMDB creation

Futuristic concept graphic showing a hand reaching for a holographic icon depicting configuration

Value driven CMDB implementation

To get the best out of your CMDB you need to fully understand the scope of service configuration management and be guided by the needs of your stakeholders and the value created. 

The game scenario

You are starting from scratch with a need to create a CMDB. You know the scope of your landscape but need to be guided by the needs of your stakeholders to establish the CMDB in such a way that it generates value at an optimal cost.

The game plays out over a 6 month period with a possibility to continue for another 6 months to take the development journey further.

Key ITSM skills in CONFIG

Process development maturity

The processes move through three levels of development maturity, starting with the basic level, moving on to intermediate and finally becoming advanced.

Service maturity and requirements

The services are on a journey of maturity, with new improved processes being introduced and assessed to see how they may best be leveraged to achieve value. 

CI model

A model for each of the major types of configuration item needs to be maintained to ensure that it remains relevant to the current level of process development and the needs of the services.

Configuration model

You maintain configuration models for your services appropriate to their current level of maturity and required functionality

The CONFIG game layed out on a table after a game is completed

CMDB content and health

You decide which configuration items you are to include into your CMDB. You will need to ensure that you keep the quality of the records in line with the needs of your stakeholders

Service configuration management

The final step is to ensure that the CMDB can meet the configuration requirements laid out by each service. Once confirmed by the service, the value is gained.

Hand reaching towards a futuristic representation of a holographic interface showing soft skills

Key soft skills covered by CONFIG

CONFIG is a fully cooperative game, which means that players need to engage with each other during the game.

Whenever new learning is involved, some within the group will understand quicker than others. The choice to help each other to understand so that collectively the group is better equipped, ticks many of the soft skills areas. The game is a collective journey of understanding and discovery.


Closely associated with the teamwork aspect and an enabler of success is the ability to communicate. This necessarily includes the ability to listen.


It is often the case that multiple avenues for progression are available, and it is here that leadership plays a role. Players must agree on a common cause of action that provides the next development step.

Key ITIL practice featured in CONFIG

ITIL word cloud

Service configuration management

As a speciality game, CONFIG focuses on the Service configuration management practice.

It place the Configuration models, the CI models, and CMDB content in the context of service requirements and value.

Buy and play CONFIG

Print to order

The game is available to purchase online. It is printed to order so may take a few weeks to arrive.

The games are produced in the US.

Minimal use of plastics

as much as possible, we have attempted to minimise the amount of plastic used in our games with the majority of components being card or wood. The only plastics in CONFIG are plastic bags used for component storage.

Overview of the contents in the ITSM training game, CONFIG
#D redering of the CONFIG game box

Running a game session

CONFIG is an easy-to-play cooperative board game that works comfortably with up to 6 players. It is recommended to allow an hour for the game itself and a further hour for initial setup and post-game reflections and discussions.

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