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Insight Online Challenge

UPGRADE! Strategic planning game

Overview of the game layout and its surroundings

Take a look at the layout of the online version of UPGRADE!

There are five versions of the game with varying levels of difficulty and detail ranging from Type I, the simplest, to Type V, the most challenging. This video give an overview of Type IV and it's game space

The three main actions in UPGRADE!

UPGRADE! introduces strategic planning and demand management. All versions of the game have three basic actions; Upgrade, Train and Tune.

With the Upgrade action, participants progressively introduce new solutions into the four departments represented on their player board; Administration, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics.

The Train action allows an additional group of users to be trained in the use of the solution and also generates a little extra money to cover operations.

The Tune action optimises the performance of the solution, generating additional business value.

With each action, the work effort must be tracked and paid for. Also the workload needed to run the solution must be assigned correctly. 

The video shows the arrangement of the Type I version of the game which has only these three actions.

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