IT capacity planning and optimisation

IT capacity planning with DEPLOY!

Explore the challenging world of IT capacity management through the business strategy game of DEPLOY! Whether your goal is general training, sales activities or providing an amazing group activity, this simulation game is delivers the perfect immersive experience.

Each game will typically last around 3 hours and support groups of 3 to 12 participants. Over the course of the game, the players will be challenged to meet the company's growing need for IT capacity by wisely using their limited budget. To become more effective they will need to utilise staff from other areas, train them up and add new technologies. In the end it's all down to which team creates the most business value for the company. In the end, it's all down to creating the most business value for your company.

This IT capacity simulation introduces a number of ITIL practices including a heavy focus on deployment management, infrastructure and platform management, and capacity and performance management.

DEPLOY! is available as physical game, with a playable online version to support remote sessions and trainer development. 

IT capacity management simulation game - DEPLOY!

IT capacity management in brief

As businesses go about their activities they typically generate a workload on the IT environment, this is their demand. IT capacity management is tasked with ensuring that there is sufficient IT capacity to meet the business demand when needed and at the right price. Coupled with this is the idea of demand management which ensures that the demand does not exceed the available IT capacity. Both operate in tandem to balance the supply-demand equation in an efficient manner.

...bringing you the IT Infrastructure layer focusing on capacity management

Focus on ITIL

This section provides an overview of the coverage of the practices included in ITIL 4, within the business strategy game.

ITIL info-graphic for DEPLOY!

Service management practices: Capacity and performance management (high focus)

This business simulation relies on effective capacity management of your infrastructure platforms with careful planning of life-cycling activities and balancing of existing and future workloads to maximise utilization and minimize operational costs.

Featured in ITIL 4 foundation examination

Over the course of the simulation you will ensure that you are able to efficiently deploy the projects needed by the company. This is a central theme to the simulation and it is through managing and automating the deployments that you are able to create income and business value.

Technical management practices: Deployment management (high focus)

Whilst it is possible to deploy most projects to a public cloud, you still need to maintain sufficient resources in your server room to provide a cost effective alternative. Your server room can support three platforms across its pools and your ability to provide capacity in the platforms directly translates to the your ability to support workloads that need those platforms.

Technical management practices: Infrastructure and platform management (medium focus)

Featured in ITIL 4 foundation examination

The team you manage can be increased, developed and augmented with technical solutions. Careful development of your team, both in size and capability, is crucial to your success.

General management practices: Workforce and talent (medium focus)


The DEPLOY! scenario

The company for which you work has started on an ambitious modernization and expansion programme, focusing heavily on replacing their outdated IT systems.


A large number of projects have been created by the powers that be. Some of them could help to fund your department, others will add real business value to the company but may not help so much in your running costs. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about the business value.

Your mission

You are tasked to provide and manage the infrastructure needed to host a number of projects, which may generate income and business value for hosting their workloads. You are managing a small data centre and have access to a limited team of people. The end goal is to be the team that delivers the most business value.

Your server-room

With the workforce at your disposal, you decide which projects to deploy and host. You must constantly strive to reduce the operating cost per unit of workload through careful management of the hardware, available resources and workload placement. You also have the option of deploying to the public cloud.

Your workforce

All teams start with a basic workforce but can increase their team by transferring people from other activities. This impacts your ability in these other activities but extends your scope for hosting projects.

Your capability

Your team can also develop its capabilities through technology, automation and training to help make your chosen strategy more effective.


DEPLOY! and IT capacity planning in the context of Total-IT

DEPLOY! represent the bottom, infrastructure, layer of the Total-IT simulation stack. Even though the capacity management business strategy game is intended for independent use, it is woven into the complete Total-IT simulation space with definable dependencies to/from the other layers.

This adds a richness to the experience and to the associated training delivered through the game.

You receive money from head office according to income value of your deployed projects

The licenses used by your server-room are bought centrally but charged back to you so you must cover the cost of your installations

Technology companies provide automation to improve the capabilities of the infrastructure layer

Hardware suppliers bring next generation equipment to the infrastructure layer, boosting its capacity

Cloud providers deliver an alternative capacity source.

Training companies provide courses to improve the skills at the infrastructure layer

Life-cycling generates a new version of a solution which a product team submits as a project for deployment

DEPLOY! - Under the hood

In DEPLOY!, the company has created a number of new projects each having supported by a particular workload. Players deploy the workloads needed by these projects to gain money and business value.

Each of your IT technical platforms delivers the capability to support certain workload types which in turn allow the projects to be deployed. The amount of workload supported by each platform is managed by adding and removing capacity. Workloads can be moved around or re-balanced between the platforms to minimise the operational costs.

Staff can be trained with extra skills as planners, technical writers, software asset managers or designers.

You can also add new technology to automate your deployment of the project workloads or to reduce your licensing costs with an asset control system.


Each player’s board represents a server-room with three capacity pools (A, B and C) supporting a different mix of workloads. The main board is used to track the progress of the game as well as each player’s worker usage, income and business value points. It also holds the available capacity cards (pool ‘A’ and pool ‘B’) and the available projects.


The game runs over five rounds, after which, the winning player is the one that has the most business value; earned from deployed projects, running an optimised server-room and supporting cloud deployments. 

A separate version of DEPLOY! is also available for personal use. This includes additional components for great replayability. The videos below show a brief introduction and how to play.