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A speciality game of value-driven service configuration management and CMDB creation


Value driven CMDB implementation

To get the best out of your CMDB you need to fully understand the scope of service configuration management and be guided by the needs of your stakeholders and the value created. 

The game scenario

You are starting from scratch with a need to create a CMDB. You know the scope of your landscape but need to be guided by the needs of your stakeholders to establish the CMDB in such a way that it generates value at an optimal cost.

The game plays out over a 6 month period with a possibility to continue for another 6 months to take the development journey further.

Running a game session

CONFIG is an easy-to-play cooperative board game that works comfortably with up to 6 players. It is recommended to allow an hour for the game itself and a further hour for initial setup and post-game reflections and discussions.

Process development maturity

The processes move through three levels of development maturity, starting with the basic level, moving on to intermediate and finally becoming advanced.

Service maturity and requirements

The services are on a journey of maturity, with new improved processes being introduced and assessed to see how they may best be leveraged to achieve value. 

CI model

A model for each of the major types of configuration item needs to be maintained to ensure that it remains relevant to the current level of process development and the needs of the services.

Configuration model

You maintain configuration models for your services appropriate to their current level of maturity and required functionality

CMDB content and health

You decide which configuration items you are to include into your CMDB. You will need to ensure that you keep the quality of the records in line with the needs of your stakeholders

Service configuration

The final step is to ensure that the CMDB can meet the configuration requirements laid out by each service. Once confirmed by the service, the value is gained.

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