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Unlock Your ITSM Potential with Game-changing Insight


Game-changing insight is dedicated to helping organizations learn and grow through interactive IT Service Management (ITSM) simulation board games. We strive to provide an engaging and effective educational experience to corporate teams, helping them develop team building skills, common vision, and knowledge of ITSM best practices.


Our games are designed to challenge players to think strategically and creatively, while providing a comprehensive learning experience that brings knowledge to life. Our unique approach allows team members to gain insight into real-world ITSM scenarios with a focus on the key success factors of Value creation, Cost control, and Reliability.

People shape the ITSM journey...

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Features of our games

Familiar scenarios

All games are based on scenarios that will be very familiar to anyone working in, or with, IT

Physical and virtual

The standard physical game experiences have been faithfully reproduced on-line so that they can be enjoyed across locations

ITIL aligned

Our games are specifically designed to incorporate and illustrate a wide range of ITIL terms and concepts

Highly memorable

Engaging emotions, and touch as well as hearing and vision improves memory retention

Variable difficulty

Our games can be adjusted to accommodate a range of knowledge and experience

IT service management with Stabil-IT online
Explore strategic planning with UPGRADE! online
DEPLOY! online train the trainer
Explore strategic planning with UPGRADE! online
UPGRADE! 3-player setup corrected M
Stabil-IT online train the trainer
DEPLOY! online train the trainer
IT service management with Stabil-IT online
UPGRADE! 4-player setup corrected M
Stabil-IT online train the trainer
Office strip 1.jpg

Benefits of our approach

Builds collaboration and removes barriers

Sharing the game experience  helps to build productive relationships within, and between teams

Cultivates Holistic mindset and Strategic thinking

The holistic nature of the games builds the "big picture" understanding of corporate IT

Develops ITIL practice and process understanding

Our games are built around many common ITIL processes, enabling participants to experience them in action.

Improve your ITSM

New operational insights

By playing our games you will learn key ITSM success factors that can be directly applied to your organisation

Over the gaming session, new individual and collective insights emerge, leading to new ways of delivering business value with IT

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