Evolve your IT organisation with serious games

Silos and tech-speak - the challenges facing IT organisations

Corporate IT often defines itself by its technological excellence. Organisationally, there is a tendency towards working in silos of specialisation, isolated from the business as a whole and even from each other. Acronyms and tech-speak are pervasive, not only forming a part of the identity of those in IT, but also serving to increase their isolation from their customers. For the larger organisation, this can translate into increased risk, sub-optimisation and missed potential. It also create effective barriers that resist transformation efforts to adapt and evolve the organisation. 

Business insight through serious play - an effective approach to corporate training

Re-inventing your organisation, teams and the way they interact is a daunting proposition, requiring a reset and reconstruction of understanding and thinking. To address this, Game-changing Insight has created a unique collection of business strategy games that effectively reproduce the main processes, decisions and challenges of corporate IT. Each of our simulations delivers a deep, holistic understanding of a layer of the corporate IT world and how it interacts with the other layers, with focus on the business, service, and infrastructure layers. Each game cultivates strategic thinking with a value-driven, holistic approach, providing the means to articulate effectively across the organisation.


Corporate training games

  • business strategy

  • fun group activity

  • online or physical


Mindset reset:

  • shared vision

  • holistic mindset

  • strategic thinking

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Game-based learning for:

  • team building

  • management training

  • transformation support

Development with serious games - for trainers, companies and individuals

For trainers, we offer a complete boxed set by way of the Total-IT package as well as the online equivalents.

For the corporate world we offer a variety of options from a fun online group activity to a deeper modular training course through Holistic-IT.

For the individual, all our games are available in a standalone version.

Deliver business insight through an immersive game-based learning experience with Game-changing Insight

As a trainer, you can leverage the content in our business strategy games to allow your delegates to explore a broad swathe of IT management, its challenges, dependencies and contribution within the larger organization. Using our unique business simulation games, in support of training, enables you to cover many parallel educational tracks simultaneously, fully contextualized by the simulations.


The physical simulations not only offer a means to deliver and reinforce understanding, they also provide a vehicle for innovation and dynamic inter-personal exchanges. There are three business simulations to choose from, covering strategic management and planning, agile service management and optimized infrastructure and platform management, spanning the whole of corporate IT.

Each business simulation game in the Total-IT collection, offers a coherent and complete experience whilst also complimenting the other games in the set. This means that the simulations can be experienced as a stand-alone session or as a course of three sessions exploring the complete breadth of corporate IT.

Getting started - help for trainers and players

Resources to get you started and support during play

A mix of physical, digital and on-line resources make it easy to incorporate any of the Total-IT business strategy games into your existing or planned training sessions.


Digital resources are available for each business strategy game to help the trainer introduce the game, its goal and an overview of the available actions.


Each game has a set of easy-to-follow instructions to get the simulation set up and ready to play.


Each action and key element of game-play is also supported with a short animation, accessible via the password-protected pages under the "for players" menu item. The passwords are given to the trainers to freely distribute to the participants. Theses pages are optimized for mobile use to support the players during the game.

Her you see an example animation from the Stabil-IT game.

Player aid cards

Each team have one or two cards giving an overview of the game-play and the how to perform the actions. 

Support for trainers and companies

Example on-line players' guide annimation showing the Stabil-IT stress test

4 ways to help you to get more from your sessions

From train-the-trainer sessions through lesson planning to bespoke design solutions, Game-changing Insight is here to help.


Training can be carried out in person or remotely with an on-line version of our business strategy games (see below). 


Sometimes you want something a little different included into the training session or you want to tailor things for a specific client. We can modify our business simulations, create bespoke expansions or change the graphics to fit with your needs.

Lesson planning

If you have a specific client need or would just like to talk around how best to incorporate the solution into your portfolio, just get in touch. We can arrange anything from a short call through to an on-site visit to ensure that your training courses deliver.

Bespoke development

Maybe you want something completely different to the current business simulations included in Total-IT. We would like to discuss your needs and propose a solution - just get in touch and we'll see what can be done.

Stabil-IT online 4-player view 1 medium.
UPGRADE! 2-player setup corrected M
Stabil-IT 2-Player setup on-line correct
DEPLOY! 2-player setup
UPGRADE! online
UPGRADE! 3-player setup corrected M
Stabil-IT 3-Player setup on-line correct
DEPLOY! 3-Player setup corrected M
Stabil-IT online 3-player view 2 medium.
UPGRADE! 4-player setup corrected M
Train the trainer on-line

Main concepts in our business strategy games

To allow a player to conceive of and implement a strategy, a number of standard concepts are needed that reflect constraints or success, sometimes both, as in the case of money.

The concepts are globally recognizable and easy to discuss in the context both of the game and the real world. It is in this comparative assessment, between the simulation and real world, that many additional opportunities for deep insight lay. In fact, when it comes to broad business development games, the inclusion of such concepts is fundamental in delivering an experience that can be easily leveraged into the required learning and development session.

Business value

Each business strategy game is focused on creating business value with the winning team being the one that is most successful in achieving this goal.

The games and their components, visualize business value and cost drivers, allowing the development of effective strategies within the game world and providing the basis for further discussions on how to create similar transparency in the real world.

Business value is achieved through control and management of three primary factors; money, influence and time with each game focusing on two of these factors.

At the business level, “UPGRADE!” uses the balance of money and influence. “Stabil-IT” focuses on time and influence for the service layer and “DEPLOY!” delivers value to the infrastructure layer through the management of time and money.

About time

About money

About influence

Whilst each business strategy game uses time management to control the actions that can be completed, it is implemented in 3 distinct ways.

In “UPGRADE!” the teams share a single pool of external resources for which they pay as they consume. As such, time is managed directly through money with the mechanism of a single shared pool affecting the availability and cost of the resources.

Stabil-IT” uses an agile, sprint-based approach, with each team having a fixed amount of effort available to perform their actions. It also introduces the idea of motivating the redistribution of effort between teams leading to discussion and negotiation in a semi-cooperative approach.

In “DEPLOY!”, each team has their own resources which can be extended and improved to meet their strategic goals. This supports an appreciation of the skills available to each team and how best they can be utilized. The mechanism used by the game also allows each team to attempt to influence who is in control of the game.

Careful money management is required in our strategic planning game (“UPGRADE!”) and our IT capacity management game (“DEPLOY!”).

UPGRADE!” uses money to pay for time from the external resource pool and for the running costs of the IT systems. Money is received from the number of trained users of the IT systems. Further money can, and must, be secured from the management of the four business areas.

“DEPLOY!” uses money to pay for new technology, license fees and cloud services. Money is generated through the projects deployed by each team and by offering consulting services.

Influence features in the “UPGRADE!” and "Stabil-IT” games, being used to enable specific actions, bonuses or help from the management.

In “UPGRADE!”, influence is gained by training new users of the IT systems and can be then used to add bonuses to the game-play as well as being instrumental in achieving management commitment and systems integration.

In “Stabil-IT”, influence is used to unlock certain business value in the game and is also part of the end-of-game scoring.