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Experiential learning through game-based, guided discovery


No fixed or

minimum fee

Discover strategic planning and demand management

4 modules of game-based learning

The course is designed for general team-building and for preparation for re-organisation or transformation programmes. A 12-hour course spread out over 4 modules developing strategic planning in an ever-changing world. Each module features a session of guided discovery framed within a unique business simulation game, specially crafted for the purpose.





The nature of demand

Stakeholder management

The value of data

Sharing the cost

The first module introduces the foundation concepts and explores the nature of demand and how to manage its impact on cost and availability 

Here we introduce the need for personal networking and becoming customer-centric to avoid disconnected silos

Developing an understanding of how data can contribute to the business to provide insight and decision support.

Ask for help with your budget but make sure you deliver on your promises

trust based

Trust-base approach

This online course is available to corporate clients only, and is provided with a trust-based approach. We believe in the value of our courses and enable our clients to set the fee at a level they consider appropriate, with no minimum level.

We strive to make each course as beneficial as possible to our clients. To this end, where possible, the course will be tailored to meet your specific requirements - this will be discussed in a preliminary Zoom session.

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