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Experiential learning through game-based, guided discovery


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Hardware, software and staff

Cloud deployments and team sizing

Develop your team


Understanding and optimising your IT infrastructure costs

4 online modules that bring you the essentials of infrastructure cost optimisation

Discover key drivers of cost in the IT organisation and how to control them. An online course of guided discovery for any IT organisation wishing to develop its abilities to identify, control and reduce costs.


This 12-hour course, over 4 modules, focuses on cost drivers in the infrastructure layer of corporate IT. It highlights the role of capacity management, IT asset management (ITAM) and working methods in driving and ultimately controlling those costs. 

The first module introduces 3 key cost drivers in the IT infrastructure layer; the hardware used, the software deployed and the people that keep it all running. By the end of this module you will understand some of the basic optimisation strategies needed to control costs.

The second module extends your on-premises infrastructure to incorporate cloud-based deployments, introducing more cost drivers but with increased flexibility. You also get the opportunity to extend your team with the option of using your new staff to increase your productivity

The third module looks into the value of skills in optimising the effectiveness of the staff element. focusing on developing value contribution as a strategy of cost optimisation.

The final module looks into leveraging automation as a means of reducing cost. We look into predicting the net impact of automation and how to maximise its benefits from your investment.

trust based

Trust-base approach

This online course is available to corporate clients only, and is provided with a trust-based approach. We believe in the value of our courses and enable our clients to set the fee at a level they consider appropriate, with no minimum level.

We strive to make each course as beneficial as possible to our clients. To this end, where possible, the course will be tailored to meet your specific requirements - this will be discussed in a preliminary Zoom session.

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