Reset your thinking

Soft skills

Learning how to express oneself, interact with others and be conscious of time, soft skills empower the other areas on the insight wheel.


Creating awareness of the larger organisation and your interaction with it. 


Changing the way of thinking and acting to become more effective with less stress

Successful transformation is built on a solid, shared foundation

Our knowledge and understanding is built up incrementally over the years, layer by layer. Each layer builds on the one before and shapes the one that follows.

However, our world is changing rapidly and the foundation, on which we have built our current understanding, was laid in a time of different values, technology and methods.

It is time to reset your thinking by revisiting and rebuilding  those earlier foundation layers, bringing new insights and a new deeper level of understanding.

Through a series of modules reinforced by experiential simulations, Game-changing Insight offers a simple path to reset your thinking. 

The insight wheel

Value focused

All of our games focus on delivering the most business value as the way to win. Business value can be extremely difficult to pin down in the real world but many of the mechanisms employed by our simulations are transferable. Business value, its assessment and reporting are key discussion points in our courses

Holistic mindset

Understanding the big picture is crucial in successfully defining and implementing a strategy. The nature of our games and the supporting training, teaches this approach - defining, tracking and incorporating all the moving parts that can place your plans at risk 

The insight wheel helps you to understand the various aspects of the learning journey. 

It makes it easy to express your training needs and review your results.


Developing a common understanding what things are and how they work. 


Developing soft skills for more effective teams

Each of our business strategy games provide a wealth of insight and learning experience with every round that's played

Over the course of a game an accelerated example of team development is revealed, assisted through a shared goal and common framework for engagement, delivered through the rules and mechanics of the game.

The nature of the simulations means that there is always a lot to keep in mind to make the right choices driving the need for attention to detail. Some games require players to negotiate with each other to deliver both the best results for themselves and for the whole scenario represented by the game space.

Some players will take the lead in supporting others and helping interpret the available options.

At it's core, each training game requires the participants to effectively convert time into business value. Indeed, the over-arching concept in the games is the idea that everything should lead to maximizing the business value delivered individually and collectively. 

The insights don't stop with the soft skills. Each business strategy game gives a view of a complete slice of corporate IT, replete with "Ah-ha" moments in such diverse areas as:

  • project management

  • software licensing

  • agile mindset

  • Knowledge management

  • business value and cost drivers

  • optimization

  • smart KPI's